Advertising with Águia de Ouro

The G.R.C.S.E.S. Águia de Ouro is a non-profit institution that operates in the community where it operates through various social, cultural and recreational activities.

The main activities revolve around Carnival, an event that directly and indirectly moves over 8 million people.

Since 1976 we have built our brand and today we can say that we are one of the biggest and best Samba Schools in São Paulo. Our rehearsals and parties are attended by people from all walks of life who love Brazilian popular culture.

Supporting Águia de Ouro, in addition to making an impact on more than 80.2 million spectators, supporters, members and supporters of Carnaval Paulista, is a conscious way to contribute to socio-cultural development and social responsibility.

Have your brand on our court, website or integrated communication. We have several options for your brand to have a perceptive value along with your communication and marketing strategies.