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Carnival and its artists, in pandemic times

The artistic sector was the first to be affected by the effects of social isolation and will certainly be the last to fully re-establish itself, due to its intrinsic characteristic of people gathering.


Sensitized by this situation and fulfilling its social role, Águia de Ouro has developed actions to maintain cultural activities via the internet, reinforce health preservation guidelines and collect food for direct support to the artistic class. Remembering that the São Paulo Carnival is a State Cultural Heritage and as such needs to be safeguarded.


Finally, a record, Águia de Ouro, with great effort, with the support of partners and through the Special Secretariat of Culture, through the incentive law - PRONAC, is conducting the pre-operational activities of the next Carnival , employing artists from different areas, in order to mitigate the negative impacts generated by this pandemic.


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